Recycled hangers

Recycled cardboard hangers

Delivery time: 12-16 weeks

Minimum order: 5000 pcs.

Design your own cardboard hangers, made from recycled materials

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Eco-friendly and space-saving

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet but still show off your collections and garment in a fashionable way?

Cardboard clothes hangers are a sustainable clothes hanging solution.

These cardboard clothes hangers is an innovative design that will help and contributes to reducing waste because they can be recycled, reused and easily decomposed.

Protect the environment while you show off your collections and garments in a stylish way.

These eco-friendly cardboard hangers are lightweight but still strong enough to hold your heaviest garments. The cardboard clothes hangers are verasatile and can be design after your needs with trouser bar or shoulder notches.

The look is natural and is suitable for adding logoprint for sustainable retail display.

Our business partner who manufactures the hangers are located in China and their mission is to help reduce the use of natural resources and effectively protect the Earth, the ocean and the atmosphere. You can read more about them here


Why you should choose cardboard hangers:

Protects the environment

Reduce carbon footprint

Easily recycled

Versatile and convenient

High loading capacity and durability

Endless design options



Easily printed