Delivery time: 10-16 weeks.
Minimum order: 500 pcs.

Create visibility around your brand with logoblocks

Why do you need a logoblock?

Many of our customers buy these as a marketing supplement. It is an effective way to create more visibility around your brand. They are typically used as part of the decoration and as an element in the exhibition. Highlight your brand at your dealers by giving them a nice decorative block with your logo.

Logoblocks are also the perfect item for a goodiebag or alike. The blocks are made of wood and can be made in whichever colour fits your brand. Use the blocks as a reminder for your brand.

Want something else than your logo printet/engraved on the block? We’re very flexible when it comes to what goes on the block and therefore you can also put slogans, or maybe a catchphrase on the blocks.

Logoblocks are also handy as for example menucard holders, or infocard holders.

There are many different possibilities when it comes to the blocks. If you have a completely different use for them, we are open to your suggestions and ideas

Different possibilities

The blocks are made after your wishes. If you already have a customised hanger from us, it might be ideal to have your logo block made in the exactly same finish. But it could also make sense to create something completely unique to make it stand out.

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