Garment bags

Garment bags

Protect and carry your collection with garment bags

Hang On Garment Bags easily wrap around the clothes when hanging on a Rolling Jones or on a rack. Each bag can fit about 25 coats or 50 t-shirts and is designed to fit the proportions of the Rolling Jones clothes rail, which can fit up to four Garment Bags. The Garment Bags are made of water repellent polyester and keep your collection both clean and dry, so you can visit customers and go to fairs with your collection looking perfect.

Our customers tells us that this is one of the best garment bags on the market. Consider our Rolling Jones clothes hanger to hang the garment bags on like shown in the pictures below. Both are also available with logo printed on, when ordered in larger quantities. The garment bags are made of a long lasting material and can therefore be used for many collections.

Garment bag, medium
50x40x90 cm.

Garment bag, large
50x40x130 cm.